Monday 22 January 2018
 Chancellor of Ilam University of Medical Science Minimize

The Chancellor of Ilam University of Medical Science

Prof : Ali Delpisheh ;Clinical Epidemiologist

Office Tell : +98 8432238460




 Dear colleagues and students,
I am extremely pleased as i consider the massive progress that our university is following and i am firmly belief that the success of any university depends on its ability to forge strategic alliances with global international partners. Indeed, Ilam University of Medical Sciences provided higher education for teaching, research and service functions. I believe that creativity and effort as well as the breadth should be on everyday goal of all the people who stand by us. I suggest you to be creative and international as an investigator because research involves quest for that is unknown and if discovered, constitutes one more bit of the vast, intricate puzzle we call life. Science is the way to understand more about the life and for the evolution of the body and soul, so it is compulsory for all those who are looking for the true meaning of life, because searching for the right path of life is the duty of every theocentric person. I appeal sincerely to the Great and Gracious God that with his kindness and guidance helping us to achieve this goal and place all of us in his shelter and shadow.