Monday 22 April 2019
Deputy of Research and Technology

Dr. Behzad Badakhsh ;Internist
office Tell : +98 8432225724


Dr. Behzad Badakhsh is an internist and joined to Ilam University of Medical Sciences as deputy of research and technology since 2015.
He was a deputy of the health, deputy of the student and cultural affairs, deputy of support and human resources as well as he is one of the faculty member of Internal Medicine department.
Production and spreading of knowledge boundaries in the global arena, promoting the status of the University of Ilam among the world's leading universities are the duties of the deputy of Research and Technology of the University. 
Hence, Research as the process of creating new knowledge, is central to Ilam University’s mission, which causes maintaining a research environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and community.
Therefore, we are efforting   to be vigilant and fully capable to follow this mission forward.