1. When is the deadline for my application submission?

Applicants are able to apply throughout the year. Our fall semester starts in September, and our spring semester starts in January.

2.How can I register my application?

The online application form can be accessed from here.

3.What documents will I need when I want  to apply?

You can find all admission requirements at admission requirement part.

4.Who deserves to be selected?

It depends entirely on the committee's decision , but in general, what will be effective are   letters of recommendation ,academic grade point average, evidence of English proficiency, curriculum vitae  and intellectual or creative achievement or substantial public service.

5.What happens to my application after it's submitted?

Your review process will begin, which will take about two months and we will inform you of our decision via Email.

6.Who should I get a letter of recommendation  from?

Letters of recommendation are a very important part of your application, and strong ones can go a long way toward making you stand out among the competition. It can differentiate you from other candidates with similar profiles. These individuals include previous professors and instructors, thesis/dissertation supervisors, dean of school/faculty etc. 

7.I do not have some documents required, do I still have chance to accept?

 In some cases, we may be able to make a decision even if you do not have all requirements. In such cases a conditional offer letter is given on providing the required document.

8. Can I apply  for several fields at the same time?

Definitely not. You can apply for only one field.

9. How long is my acceptance valid for?

The validation of your acceptance is one academic year.

10. How and when will I be notified of my acceptance?

It takes around two months and we will inform you via an Email, which includes official letters attached and what you need to do next.  

11. I have received my letter of acceptance and Visa Study Form, what should I do now?

Please fill out this form to begin the process of issuing your visa and send them again to us.

12. How long does a visa procedure take?

It can be approximated 1.5 or 2 months.

13. I received my visa number. What is the next?

Visit the Iranian embassy/consulate which you mentioned in your Visa Study Form. First  you will  give an entry visa and after arrival, we will help you to exchange your visa to a long-term student visa.

14. I am at Tehran or Kermanshah airport. How to get to Ilam?

A representative will pick you up at the airport, for this purpose, please send us a scan of your ticket two weeks before you arrive.

15. Where should I go for registration?

Students' registration process takes place in the at the address below:

 Deputy of Education, Ilam University of Medical Sciences, Pazhouhesh Ave., Ilam, Iran.-

Tel: + 988 432 227 101

Email: Mahmoudi-m@medilam.ac.ir

Postal code: 6939177143