Monday 22 January 2018
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Nine thousand medical personnel are stationed at the four frontiers at Arbeyan2017

The head of the Emergency of Iran said:
More than 9,000 medical personnel are stationed onArbaen Hosseini at the four frontiers of Mehran, Khosravi, Chazaba and Shalamcheh for pilgrimage services.
PirhoseinColivand said: 6,000 of these are paramedics, 3,000 are general practitioners and 420 are physicians.500 ambulances are also arranged after the return of pilgrims to these borders. In order to speed up the treatment of injured and possible patients, one to two helicopters are stationed at each border.Two desert Hospitals with 30 beds belonging to the Islamic Republic's Army will be deployed for terrorist, biochemical, nuclear and biological attacks on Chazaba and Shalamcheh borders.He also announced the launch of outpatient clinics at these borders.

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Date Posted: 10/24/2017
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