Monday 22 April 2019
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Introduction of Medical Microbiology Research Center:

Clinical Microbiology Research Center was established by Prof .Nourkhoda Sadeghifard in 2007 to Ilam University of Medical Sciences. 
The completion of its construction and technical equipment lasted until 2009. Based on the decision taken at the 207nd session of the Council for the Development of Universities of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on  11/1/2011, the establishment of this center was proofed. 
The activity field of the center consisted of clinical, epidemiological laboratory and molecular evaluation of the etiological factors of infection diseases as well as laboratory centers include routine bacteriology, molecular bacteriology, and cell culture. 

The goals of center:
• Production of science in the field of medical microbiology
• Focus on basic and clinical research on the diagnosis of infection diseases in Ilam province.
• Connect with other research centers in the country and international institution in order to participate joint research projects
• Rapid diagnosis of the causes of infection diseases and determination of their antibiotic resistance patterns,
In order to timely and accurately treating patient and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance bacteria.
• To determine the origin of microbial disease and the circulation of various antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals and ultimately controlling hospitals infections. 

Research center strategies:
• To identify research priorities based on specific local features
• To collaborate with other relevant centers
• To provide the appropriate environment for basic and clinical research
• To prepare a long-term plan for microbial disease research
• To Introduce a comprehensive plan for controlling hospital infections