Saturday 21 October 2017


About Mission of Ilam University of Medical Sciences
Ilam University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), the official medical university of Ilam province associated with the Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, was founded in 1986. IUMS is a medical and academic center for many medical fields such as medicine, pharmacology, allied medical sciences, dentistry, health, nursery and midwifery. This university welcomes to qualified students and researchers to educate, train and research in a wide range of medical courses. IUMS also provides healthcare and treatment services to the community.
IUMS with 7 vice chancellors, 5 faculties, 11 hospitals and 63 healthcare centers tries to accomplish its Research, Education and Healthcare missions as appropriately.
Vision and Mission of IUMS
The main mission of IUMS is to improve and promote the standards of medical education and research and provide the best health status and medical services for all persons of the society. Through training qualified students and researchers, IUMS is hopeful to be considered as a well-known university at national as well as international level. 
In the regards, the following programs are pursued:
1-     Promotion of the quantity and quality of the human, fiscal and physical  resources relevant to education
2-     Collaboration with Iraqis medical universities and development of tourist therapy program
3-     Equipment of the special hospital of cardiology in Mehran city in order to expand the   tourist therapy program and provide medical services for great shrine pilgrims
4-     Creating new needed educational fields and developing postgraduate programs
5-     Expansion of applied and fundamental researches in accordance with the community requirements
6-     Developing effective ties with  national and international research centers
7-     Improving synchronized interaction and collaboration between educational, research and administration   divisions and providing healthcare services
8-     Promoting the quality of clinical healthcare in educational and treatment centers